Kandinksy & Vodka Night

Honored to be launching my fourth season of Artists Hour in the Backyard Studio with artists, new work and drink pairings! Since founding SPARK and witnessing the magic of creativity with kids, I realize the power art can have on adults. It brings us back to our inner child, is cathartic and just plain fun! My intention is to foster creativity while building community in my most beautiful urban garden studio space. Artists Hour doesn't require any experience, just come with a smile and good energy and I'll take care of the rest!  


DAY                DATE             ARTIST                       ARTWORK         DRINK PAIRING                        

SAT         June 22nd             Picasso                     The Dream          Sangria                         Sign up! 

FRI         July 12th             Klee                     The Castle           Craft Beer                       Sign up! 

THUR         Aug 1st             O’Keefe                     Red Cala Rosé                         Sign up! 

SAT        Sept 21st             Miro                     The Rooster         Tempranillo                     Sign up! 



Classes are $50 and include all materials and drinks.

Artists Hour are held on selected dates at my Backyard Studio on the Upper West Side.  

Once you've made a reservation for the class, you'll receive an email with the details (location, time) prior to the your class.

Payment is requested via Venmo

(direct link to pay can be accessed from the sign up button)

Please provide your name and the class you are planning to attend.  If you don't have a Venmo account, payment can be made via cash at the time of the class.

Interested in an Artists Hour for a private group, birthday, bachelorette or as corporate team building event? 

Contact me at artistshour@gmail.com to reserve a your own curated Artists Hour experience.