Side Plank


Side Plank

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Series: Art of the Asana

Pose: Vashistasana | Side Plank

Yoga has changed my life. The space created in the body has brought about a greater freedom in the mind.  It has manifested magic in my life. As an emerging artist, I have to share my love of yoga.

I have envisioned yoga as vines of energy through space. A balance of body and breath that creates space through expansion and extension . It has led to acuity and sharpness I liken to the edges of a blade. Incidentally, Art the Asana are all created without any use of brushes but rather just a paint knife.

The Black Series represent the Sun, Strength and the Masculine.  On the other side, the Moon, Feminine and Softr asanas are presented by the White Series.

The journey of yoga is never complete, and with that understood, I plan to continuing this series exploring the the poses.

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